The mission of GLV is to be a gateway to the world for Chinese and also a gateway into China for the world.
We provide language training for those who want to learn English or Chinese.



Language is useful tool

Language is an essential tool for understanding culture and communicating with people from different cultural backgrounds. Good language skills are essential if we are to understand the modern world, to gain access to knowledge, to enjoy travel, and to appreciate the beauty and diversity of the human race. They are also necessary for fruitful and harmonious business relationships.



Our goal is to create a learning community characterized by cooperation, a spirit of service and mutual respect among learners, teachers and staff. At GLV, our students don't just study language but are given the total experience of living in a new language environment. Whichever language is being learned, we are immersed in that language through a combination of formal classes, informal study groups, social activities and evening programs. Even at meal times, during sports or leisure periods, all communication is in the target language. We offer you "The Immersion Experience".

TIE Example



TIE Class

To give the best quality of instruction our classes are kept small and limited to a maximum of 15 participants.Our staff and students come from many countries around the world and this multi-cultural mix enriches the experience for all.



GLV's management team tries to express a spirit of service through the way it carries out its responsibilities.
Our task is to assist all staff to do their work in an efficient manner and to create a well-resourced,
supportive and happy working environment.



Our staff demonstrates its service through a commitment to excellence in all it does and by genuine concern for the well-being and progress of all our students. We strive to adopt positive and cooperative attitudes towards everyone who works and studies at GLV.

positive and cooperative attitudes



Our students serve humanity by using the communication skills and the insights into other cultures that they gain, to help build a more harmonious and peaceful world. Living together with many people from various backgrounds brings a broader understanding of the rich and varied complexity of our common humanity and hopefully gives added purpose to our students' lives. They are the foundation of tomorrow's families, communities and societies. Their experience at Gateway Language Village will help them release their true potential and so play their full part in building the global village of the future.


GLV student



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