About Our Students


The majority of GLV students are young professionals who are learning English to improve their work opportunities.Since GLV's program is organized in two-week sessions, students will come for 1 or more sessions.Some students use their vacation time to study others have the time to study full time because they are between jobs and still others have even quit their jobs in order to study full time for awhile.We also have relationships with a number of companies who send their management staff to GLV to study.


Our students are highly motivated.With very few exceptions,teachers do not have to struggle to keep students working hard.On the contrary teachers must be well prepared and energetic to rise to the expectations of the students.


Claudia Andrea   Argentina

Course: The Immersion Experience     Level: Level 3C - Level 4A


I feel happy in GLV. All the teachers are excellent and international. It's really a wonderful experience.

Raquel   Brazil

Course: The Immersion Experience     Level: Level 3B - Level 3C


I spent a good time here in GLV.  I made a good progress. I would come back again.

Hitoshi Mori   Japan

Course: The Immersion Experience     Level: Intermediate


I like studying here, because the English only environment is really helpful to improve my english, and Chinese people here are all very friendly to me!

Thomas   SouthKoera

Course: The Immersion Experience     Level: Advanced


 I think everything is good. I like all the teachers in GLV, especially teacher Dulce. She's funny and professional. 

Purificacion Tarrosa   

Course: TESOL     


I would say that my one-week stay here at GLV has been a fruitful one in terms of personal and professional growth. This school is commendable for fostering positive learning environment.

Joanna Cheong   

Course: The Immersion Experience     


I learnt a lot of effective and interesting games. I was so glad that the lecturer gave me ideas to create games and make good use of them.

David Zhang   

Course: The Immersion Experience     


 I am glad to learn english for 2 months in GLV.I felt big improvement for my listneing and speaking. Also I learned something important, like confidence and business.

Paula Zhao   

Course: The Immersion Experience     


I study english in glv for two weeks. My english level has improved . For example, reading ability could understand quickly , writing a jarnal which I throught everything is in everyday.

Annie Xu   

Course: The Immersion Experience     


 I have left G.L.V for more than half a year, but every moment I have spent there was full of my mind. Even though I have just stayed there for three month, it's really meaningful and memorial to me.

Ann Wei   

Course: The Immersion Experience     


 I’ve been out of GLV more than 1 month..Last night,I dreamed that I came back to class in GLV.It was not the first time that I had such a dream,thus,I remembered the details in the dream clearly.They made me warm.

Luke Zhang   

Course: The Immersion Experience     


Last night ,when I was walking along with the beach near the YanTai university,I remmbered the beach in ZhuHai,I remmbered GLV,remmmbered many things and many people.

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