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People say that self-confidence is half of the success that can bring you courage to stick to what you do. Without self-confidence, one can not do well in anything.  Self-confidence is of great importance and value to a person.

Firstly, self-confidence enables us to have the ambition of being successful. Only when you have the ambition to be successful, can you be successful eventually. Secondly, once we gain self-confidence, we will possess the courage and strength to overcome the setbacks and difficulties. With self-confidence, no one and nothing can stop you to success.Thirdly, with self-confidence we may accomplish something which seems to be impossible previously. No great thing is easy for us, therefore we should hold the idea that anything is possible. We should, or have to trust in ourselves.

In short, self-confidence is the spiritual pillar of a person as well as the inherent power, which is of great importance and value to a person.