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In recent years, second-hand transactions have become quite common. Nowadays there are more and more secondhand goods in the market, such as secondhand books, furniture, appliances, cars, and so on. Why do so many people like to buy secondhand goods?

The following reasons can account for this phenomenon. Above all, secondhand goods are cheaper than new ones. This enables those people who have poor financial abilities to buy the things they want. Moreover, secondhand goods transactions make it possible for people to make good use of the goods which may be useless in their hands. Besides, Internet provides a more convenient and quicker transaction platform for secondhand goods.

However, there are also some problems in secondhand goods transactions. For one thing, the quality of secondhand goods can not be promised and you can not enjoy the good after-sale service. For another, secondhand goods market lacks enough supervision and management, and there exist many dishonest business activities. In a word, I think secondhand goods transaction is a good trading way, but it needs further perfection of the rules.