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口语素材:Happy event

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Happy event 

Spending one of summer vacation in Bali for rest and relaxation is a very happy event in my life, the sunshine, the beach and the sea are very attracting, but they are not the major factor I am delighted with. I am extremely happy due to the accompany by my parents. My father is very busy with his company. He seldom has time to stay with me and my mother for such a long time. He taught me to swim, went shopping with me, and chatted a lot with my mother. I really hope I can shoulder some of my father’s heavy burden so that we can have more time together.

Most embarrassing moment

One day I was walking my dog in the adjoining park, I usually take a plastic bag with me to collect my pet’s deject. However, I forgot to bring the bags with me. Unfortunately, I was caught by a team of students who was doing one program regarding the wastes our pets bring to our environment. I tried to explain but they wouldn’t listen. I can’t help but letting them treat me as a bad character for their writhing. They even want to take a photo of I, I refused but they still took one picture of my dog while it’s relieving nature.

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