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英语单词风暴| Swallow & Disgrace

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Defeat is not bitter unless you swallow it. ——Charles Joseph Clark



swallow ['swɑlo]


v. 吞咽


英英释义:If you swallow something, you cause it to go from your mouth down into your stomach. ——Collins


swallow sb/sth up 吞并;淹没


These small firms have been swallowed up by the company.



There are a lot of people in the street, we seem to be swallowed up in the crowd.



The pills should be swallowed. 这些药要吞服。



v. 完全相信;轻信


英英释义:If someone swallows a story or a statement, they believe it completely. ——Collins


I found their excuse hard to swallow. 我觉得他们的理由很难让人相信。



n. 吞;咽


英英释义:an action in which you make food or drink go down your throat. ——Longman


He drank his whisky in one swallow. 他一口喝下威士忌.



There is no disgrace in honest failure; there is disgrace in fearing to fail. ——Henry Ford



disgrace [dɪs'ɡres]



n. 耻辱;出丑;丢脸的人或事


英英释义: If you say that someone is in disgrace, you are emphasizing that other people disapprove of them and do not respect them because of something that they have done. ——Collins


in disgrace 丢脸


He left the army in disgrace. 他不光彩地离开了军队。


This firm is a disgrace. 这家公司真可耻。


The scandal brought disgrace on the company. 这件丑闻让这家公司蒙羞。



v. 使(某人)丢脸


英英释义:If you say that someone disgraces someone else, you are emphasizing that their behavior causes the other person to feel ashamed. ——Collins


They disgraced the name of their family. 他们玷污了家族的名声。