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1. let后接第一人称

Let's have a look. 让我看一下。

Let's take a taxi! 让我们坐出租车吧!

Let's give you a hand. 让我帮助你。

Let's paint it ourselves. 我们自己来刷漆。

Let's take a taxi, shall we? 我们坐出租车好吗?

Let's start now and work till dark. 让我们现在开始工作一直到天黑。

Let's go shopping now. The shops will be / should be fairly empty. 我们去商店买东西吧。商店里人不会太多。

Let me fix you a drink. 我给你去弄点饮料。

Let me have a try. 我来试一试。

Let me show you how to do it. 我来告诉你怎样做。

Let me pay for myself. 让我自己来付我的那份钱。

Let me have another cup of tea. 给我再来一杯茶。

Let me know if you should hear some more news. 万一你听到更多消息你要通知我。


2. let后接第二人称

Let you and I try to make this all right. 让你和我试试把这个做好。


3. let后接第三人称

Let her do what she likes. 让她做她想做的事吧。

Let the meat cook slowly. 把肉用慢火炖。

Let XYZ be a triangle. 设XYZ为一个三角形。

Let the two lines be parallel. 假设两条线是平行的。

Let every man do his best. 让每个人人尽其才。

Let him have his own way. 让他照自己的意思做吧!

Let the true cause of the accident be published. 把造成这件意外的真正原因公开吧。

Let him try that game again on me, and I'll soon put paid to it. 他如若再和我玩这把戏,我很快就会叫他收起来。


4. let后接there be句式

“Let there be no reprisals,” said the widow of the murdered man. 被害者的遗孀说:“千万不要搞复仇。”

Let there be light. 让地上有光。

Let there be no doubt in your minds about our intentions. 对于我们的意图,你们心里不要有疑问。