Duncan Wood


Join In GLV:2014
Senior English Teacher


Duncan is from the East Midlands in England. He has a degree in Construction Management, and held supervisory roles within this industry. He became a certified TESOL Teacher in August, 2005. Duncan spent around 20 years in the construction trade, where he would bring these experiences to the students through English teaching. Duncan enjoys watching most sports, and he likes to participate in cycling, snooker, and walking. Duncan also likes learning about the structure of languages, and reading about culture, economics, and philosophy. He also enjoys watching movies, and travelling. Duncan is hoping to share his travel experiences with GLV students. Duncan has visited America, Australia, and ten countries in Europe. He feels GLV students can learn about some culture of the different countries he has visited. Duncan also believes that GLV students can use their experience in his classes to explore the World for themselves.

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