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     学习英语的朋友都知道,英语中another 与the other都可以表示“另一个”。那么another与other到底有何区别?是不是有点云里雾里的感觉,那我们接下来就来看看以下的例子

1. 不定代词other相当于名词或形容词,可以在句中作主语、宾语、定语等。相当于名词时,有复数形式others。

作主语:He has two toys. One is for me, the other is for himself.

作宾语:I have two pictures. You have seen one. Now I will show you the other.

作定语:There are other ways of helping him out of difficulty.

2. 不定代词another是由an和other构成,由此可以判定它只能代替或修饰可数的单数名词,前面不再用冠词。可以在句中作主语、宾语、表语和定语。

作主语:One (girl) wanted to read, and another wanted to watch TV. 

作宾语:Please give me another.

作表语:She is a fool, and her sister is another.

作定语:Would you like another cup of coffee?

3. 对比other与another

(1)the other 用于两者中的另一个,another 指三者以上中的另一个:

    He has two toys. One is for me, the other is for himself. 


    All these are not good. Show me another, please.

(2)another 还有 “再……” 的意思,other 有 “另外” 的含义:

    Have another cup of coffee, please.  再喝一杯咖啡吧!

    The girl is much cleverer than other three. 这女孩比另外三个都聪明。

(3)修饰数词的结构不同:数词+other+复数名词= another+数词+复数名词:


    I read two more books this week. =I read two more books this week.

(4)one another 与 each other:两者均表示“彼此”、“互相”。 

    一般认为,each other 用于两者间,one another 用于三者或以上,但在现代英语中,两者常可换用。

    We should always help each other.

    They don’t agree with one another.

另外,朋友们还要注意的是:other表泛指,the other 表特指,与其复数others和the others 同理。