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37. ---______ present you’ve bought for me!

---I‘m glad you like it.

A. How a

B. What a

C. How

D. What



38. ---This is no-smoking zone. Can’t you see the sign?

---Oh, sorry. I ______ it.

A. haven‘t seen

B. won’t see

C. don‘t see

D. didn’t see

解析:这是无烟区,难道你不能看见这个标示吗? 在这个人的提示下,答话人现在肯定看见这个标示了。那么是以前没看见,答案为D

39. ---Will you please let me have a look at the photos taken in the States?

---Sure .I‘ll _____ them here to school tomorrow.

A. take

B. carry

C. get

D. bring

解析:本题主要对比take bringtake是拿走,bring是拿来。carry是携带,get是得到,答案为D


40. ---Look at ____ animal. It’s interesting.

---Which one do you mean? ____ black one with a long tail? A. an, The

B. an, An

C. the, The

D. the, An



41. ---What happened to Tom?

---He was crossing the street ____ a motorbike hit him from behind.

A. while

B. when

C. until

D. because

解析:while表示......时候时不能与瞬间动词连用。hit是撞,瞬间的动作。when “....时候可以与瞬间动词连用。until 直到....because 因为,后面两个与题目意思不符合,答案为B.


42. ---Dad, what‘s the sea like?

---Well, it’s large and full of water. It covers about _____ of the earth.

A. one third

B. three quarter

C. three-fourth

D. three quarters



43. ---Go and ask the waiter how much_____.

---Don't worry. It has been _____.

A. does the meal cost, paid for

B. the meal costs, paid

C. the meal spends, paid

D. the meal costs, paid for

解析:首先宾语从句用陈述句语序,A可以排除。cost表示某物花多少钱,spend 花费时间或金钱,一般人做主语。pay表示付钱,pay for ....支付了多少钱。答案是B


44. ---Does the child need any help?

---No. He is old enough to _____ himself.

A. put on

B. wear

C. dress

D. take care

解析:put on 强调穿的动作,wear强调穿着的状态,dress后面接人做主语,dress sb.给某人穿衣,dress oneself给自己穿衣,take care of 照顾。答案为C


45. ---There can be no life on the earth without water.

---That‟s right. Water _____ everywhere.

A. needs

B. is needing

C. is needed

D. needed



46. ---Were you late ____the meeting?

---No, I arrived there ten minutes______ the meeting started.

A. for, before

B. at, before

C. for, till

D. at, after

解析:be late for 固定用法 ......迟到” ---为什么你开会迟到? ---不,我在开会前十分钟到的。答案为Atill 直到 after ...之后,before ...之前。


47. ---Excuse me, but I don‘t think you can take photos here.

---Sorry I ____ this is no-photo zone.

A. don’t know

B. didn‘t know

C. have no idea

D. haven’t known



48. ---How many English words had you learned ___ the end of last term?

---Around 2000, but I‟ve forgotten most of them.

A. by

B. at

C. to

D. on

解析:by the end of ....为止,如果后面接将来时间,主句用将来时,如果后面是现在时间,主句用现在完成时,如果是过去时间,主句用过去完成时。at the end of “...尽头后面接时间时,一般用过去时或将来时。答案为A


49. ---Are you learning art now during your spare time?

---No. I've stopped _____ Chinese medicine instead.

A. to learn

B. learning

C. learn

D. studying

解析:---你现在在空闲时间学习艺术吗?---不,我已经停止了,在学中医。stop to do stop doing分别表示停下来去做某事停止做某事答案为A


50. ---What did you ____ just now?

---I _____ you if you could follow me.

A. say, said

B. speak, asked

C. speak, said

D. say, asked